About Us

Perfect Airport Solutions Pte Ltd has been created to support airport and aviation authorities who have the need for external professional help which will assist them in all areas of airfield operations.

Being the brainchild of company director Bart Marichal, we have assembled a line up of experienced industry professionals sourced from all over the world. Together, we can bring your business the best of the best, all under a one-company umbrella. This is the first and only team of its kind in the global aviation business and Perfect Airport Solutions are proud to announce that our headquarters are based in Singapore within the Asia Pacific region.

The availability of a team of this calibre in the past has been sorely needed and, with our team members having been approached individually by clients looking for such a set up, you can now have ease of mind knowing that from the first stage of a project to closure, your needs will be looked after by leaders in their chosen fields. Nothing could be simpler in what is seen at times as a hectic but crucial business of running airports but when, as in the past there have been many different teams bringing separate and differing headaches and problems whilst dealing with many contracting companies, your fears can be now be minimised with the availability of supporting and seasoned professionals. We understand your needs, and we will walk you through every step of your project requirements regardless on whether they are big or small. Perfect Airport Solutions will be the extension of your business, give you peace of mind and release you to concentrate on running a safe and successful airport operation. In summary, life has just got easier for you and we look forward to working together, no matter where you may be situated in the world.